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Happy Birthday Jazmin!

Happy Birthday Jazmin!

JazminIs there any better time to open your own JoyJar than on your birthday?!?! Last week, we had the opportunity to make a special delivery to courageous kid Jazmin, who recently celebrated her 5th birthday!

We are so honored to be able to bring Jazmin some fun, joy and love from our JoyFactory. This year Jazmin is celebrating much more than 5 years..this year Jazmin is celebrating that she has beat medulloblastoma after her courageous fight since the age of 3..Jazmin is now..cancer free!

Jazmin, we celebrate with you and are so inspired by your courageous, strength and your determination to Never Ever Give Up! We can’t wait to see all the amazing things in store for you in the coming years…. and we will NEGU for you!

Do you know of a courageous kid celebrating a birthday soon? You can request their own birthday JoyJar too! You can do so here–JoyJar Requests


We NEGU for Landon!


NEGU Landon!This week, we have the special opportunity to share with our NEGU Community a very courageous young man–3 year old Landon! Despite having to fight cancer at such a young age, Landon has continued to show cancer that he is much stronger than it will ever be.

When Landon was 2 1/2 year old, his family was told he was fighting Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. For the past 9 months, Landon has brought out his tough fighting gloves through difficult chemo treatments, multiple hospital stays and weekly treatments that require Landon and his mom to travel 300 miles each way. Landon’s mom tells us,  “Its been a long hard fight but Landon never gives up!”.

Landon loves Jake the Neverland Pirates and Shrek. His favorite activities are playing with bubbles, painting, swimming, and glow sticks! Landon is so positive and such an inspiration to so many.

Landon, this week, through your treatment and beyond, we are so honored to NEGU for you! Team NEGU, let’s head over to Landon’s support page, Offer Hope For Landon, and send him lots of notes of encouragement and joy! Landon, we NEGU for you!

#MyNEGUKid Photo Contest

A NEGU Kid is a courageous kid fighting cancer. They are brave. They are strong. They are amazing. “Their brilliance challenges the darkness and dazzles those of us who watch their light.”

We want to highlight some amazing NEGU Kids! From August 2, 2013 until August 11th 2013, we want to see your #MyNEGUKid photos for a chance to win one of our brand-new ‘I’m a NEGU Kid!‘ t-shirts!

Here’s How it Works:
  • Choose Your Photo: Find your favorite photo of your courageous fighter. It can be a selfie, you and your NEGU Kid, or anything fun! Be as creative as you’d like!!
  • Share and Encourage: Jessie knew cancer could make you feel alone… we want these amazing kids to know they’re not!! So retweet, like, comment, share, and +1 your favorite photos! Just search #MyNEGUKid on your favorite social media sites.

I'm a NEGU Kid Shirts




The Winner: On Monday, August 12th, 2013, one NEGU Kid photo posted during the past week using #MyNEGUKid will be chosen at random. The winner will receive an exclusive tie-dye  “I’m a NEGU Kid!” t-shirt and NEGU bracelets to show off their Never Ever Give Up spirit!


So tell us what makes your courageous fighter a NEGU Kid!!

Paying It Forward With JoyJars

We are so grateful for the amazing support of Team NEGU–that’s you–all of you wonderful supporters, followers and fans who continue to help us care, support and encourage courageous fighters around the world to Never Ever Give Up. All of you make a difference and all of you better the lives of children fighting cancer by letting them know that they have a world of support behind them.

Joy Drive


One of our amazing supporters Mandy, recently set out to rally her community together in support of kids fighting cancer. It wasn’t until childhood cancer entered into her own family that Mandy learned about the devastating realities of childhood cancer. In search for information, support and resources, Mandy learned about the Jessie Rees Foundation and Jessie’s legacy of hope, love and encouragement for children fighting cancer.





After seeing how much her niece loved her JoyJar, Mandy knew that so many other kids fighting cancer could benefit from that same experience of joy. Mandy wanted to help and soon became a member of the Jessie Rees Foundation’s JoySquad and encouraged everyone around her to do the same. Mandy didn’t stop there–recently Mandy joined together with her colleagues and professional leadership team–Class of 2013 from the North San Antonio Chamber Leadership Lab for a Joy Drive in their own “mini Joy Factory”. Mandy’s employer, SWBC, opened up a large training room in which Mandy and her team collected and bagged over 68 bags hospital approved toys and games to be sent to the Joy Factory Headquarters for lots of JoyJar stuffing!




Mandy and the Class of 2013, North San Antonio Chamber Leadership Lab we are so grateful for your “heart-work”. You are the reason we can continue to spread more joy and encouragement to children fighting cancer around the world. You are the reason we can can continue to fulfill Jessie’s wish of encouraging all kids fighting cancer to NEGU-Never Ever Give Up! Thank you!


10,000 Holiday JoyJars | Can We Do It?


Every year, as we near the holidays, the Jessie Rees Foundation makes a goal to reach as many children fighting cancer during the holidays as we can. As you know, there are an estimated 46 children who will be told they have cancer each day. And many of these children will spend the holidays in the hospital. During the holidays, children fighting cancer need even more love, joy and encouragement. While many will be celebrating the many joys of the holiday season, for children fighting cancer and their families, the holiday experience can be much different.

This year, we have set a goal to send over 10,000 Holiday JoyJars to children fighting cancer around the world!!! That is 10,000 children who will receive a boost of holiday joy and love and a special note from our NEGU community, letting them know that they have a world of support behind them.

Holiday JoyJars 2012Can we get to 10,000??  With the support of our friends, family and NEGU community we believe we CAN!!

We have an amazing opportunity to raise the $200,000 needed to send 10,000 JoyJars in just one day! Thanks to the generous support of The Salah Foundation, every dollar we raise at our upcoming NEGU Golf Classic will be matched! So whether you are joining us as a single golfer, playing as a foursome or just making a generous cash donation to the NEGU Golf Classic, your donation is doubled! Tickets are now on sale for the NEGU Golf Classic and donations for the event are also being accepted for those who can’t make the event. Visit our NEGU Golf Classic page for more info!

10,000 Holiday JoyJars for 10,000 courageous kids–Can WE DO IT?  We will Never Ever Give Up until we do!


Stuffing the Perfect Mini JoyJar

Erik Rees, Jessie’s daddy, recently shared with our fans and followers tips on “How to Stuff the Perfect Mini JoyJar”. With so many wonderful people wanting to help support Jessie’s mission, Mini JoyJars were created as a way to spread more JOY to our children, in our communities, and with our families and friends.

Team Building Ideas-JOYJARS



The Jessie Rees Foundation now offers compassionate groups, businesses,corporations the opportunity to get involved and give back to their communities and to help children fighting cancer around the world. By hosting a Mini JoyJar Stuffing event as a team building activity or service project, your employees or group members will have the opportunity to work together towards a goal, troubleshoot through important steps required to stuff joy for kids and have the opportunity to put smiles on hundreds of little faces.




Jessie's JoyJar rules



Jessie had some rules for stuffing the perfect JoyJar and Erik shares those tips in the video above. Some of Jessie’s specifics—(1) no cheesy toys! (2) Jars need to be filled to the rim with toys–little to no air. (3) Toys should be hospital approved and age appropriate. (4) all JoyJars should include one of Jessie’s NEGU bracelets–encouragement to Never Ever Give Up.

Are you looking for a great corporate team building activity or service project? Email Erik Rees at to learn more about how your team can bring Joy to kids fighting cancer around the world.

Melinda Heights Students Collect Over 5,000 Toys for JoyJars!

childhood cancer fundraiser


The students at Melinda Heights Elementary School teamed up for the second year to host their successful Joy Drive benefiting the Jessie Rees Foundation. The students at Melinda Heights worked tirelessly making signs and posters to advertise their event. The kids set up several donation stations where students, staff and parents could drop off hospital approved toys to be stuffed in Jessie’s JoyJars and sent to children fighting cancer around the world.

The students at Melinda Heights Elementary collected over 5,000 toys for their Joy Drive! Their efforts will enable the Jessie Rees Foundation to send JOY to lots of courageous kids fighting cancer. To the students at Melinda Heights Elementary School, our hats are off to you–YOU are our future of compassionate leaders. Thank you for supporting Jessie’s wish of encouraging all kids fighting cancer to Never Ever Give Up!

From a Very Courageous Kid-Pinky Promise to Never Ever Give Up

childhood cancer survivor letter



Courageous fighter Ayden, or otherwise known as “Rockstar Ayden”, has been an inspiration to so many of us through his brave journey through childhood cancer treatments. Receiving one of Jessie’s JoyJars while in treatment, Ayden shares a little note with Jessie’s Daddy to express what a little encouragement did to help him to Never Ever Give Up.

Ayden writes, “When I got my JoyJar, I was in the hospital after having brain surgery. I was so excited to get a JoyJar because I had heard about Jessie from my mom and how she wanted to help kids and I like to help people too. But then I was scared because I got cancer. My mom and dad helped me and we talked about having cancer. We pinky promised to Never Ever Give Up and I still have my JoyJar and I love it!”

Ayden, we NEGU for you!

Graduation Gift Ideas- JOYJARS!

Graduation Gifts for Cancer FightersGraduation Day is quickly approaching! Are you looking for a meaningful, inspirational gift for your grad?  JOYJARS are a great way to send your loved one a special, meaningful gift of encouragement–stuffed with JOY and sent with LOVE. During her 10-month fight with two inoperable brain tumors, 12-year old Jessie Rees founded JOYJARS as a way to help encourage other kids fighting cancer to NEGU- Never Ever Give Up. She knew that cancer could make a child feel lonely and limited, and with her JOYJARS, Jessie was able to put smiles on thousands of little faces.

cancer fighter giftsWhen you become an official member of the Jessie Rees Foundation’s JOY SQUAD, you receive a thank you gift of 6 colorful and bright Mini JOYJARS that can be stuffed with tons of JOY and LOVE and sent to special people in your life for encouragement, support, holidays or “just because” gifts. And while you are spreading JOY to your loved ones, you are also ensuring that 12 kids fighting cancer receive a JOYJAR from the Jessie Rees Foundation’s Joy Factory!

Here are some fun ideas for stuffing the perfect Graduation JOYJAR!

1- Stuff with his or her favorite candy or chocolates!

2- Bake cookies or brownies with love and package them together in your Graduation JOYJAR.

3- Stuff your Graduation JOYJAR with fun gift certificates, cards or envelopes.

4- If you have a super special gift that you are giving your grad, package it tightly in your Graduation JOYJAR with tissue paper and use it as special JOY FILLED gift packaging.

Become an official member of the Jessie Rees Foundation’s Joy Squad and start spreading JOY today!

Congratulations to the Class of 2013!

12-year old Jessie Rees courageously fought two inoperable brain tumors for 10 months.  During her fight, she founded JoyJars as a way to help encourage other courageous kids fighting cancer to NEGU- Never Ever Give up and to let them know that they were supported and loved. JoyJars are plastic-filled jars filled to the rim with hospital-approved toys and are sent to children fighting cancer around the world. To-date, over 50,000 children have received Jessie’s JoyJars.

Currently, 46 children every day are told they have cancer. We lose a child to cancer every 4 hours. There are currently over 250,000 children fighting cancer around the world. All of these children need to be encouraged and to know that they are not alone. Will you join us in encouraging all children fighting cancer to NEGU- Never Ever Give Up?

Learn more about Jessie’s Joy Squad Here!

JoyJars Arrive in Tijuana, Mexico!

Kids Fighting Cancer60 children in treatment at the General Hospital of Tijuana received a special boost of JOY this week as Jessie’s JOYJARS arrived and were delivered to each of their rooms! The delivery of Jessie’s JOYJARS coincidentally arrived on a special day in Mexico –Children’s Day or El Día Del Niño–a day to recognize, cherish and celebrate children!




Children at the General Hospital of Tijuana were all smiles as they opened their very own JOYJAR, filled with hospital approved, age-appropriate toys–stuffed with JOY and sent with LOVE from the Jessie Rees Foundation’s Joy Factory. To date, children in over 12 countries have received Jessie’s JOYJARS and message of NEGU- Never Ever Give Up. Over 50,000 children around the world are recipients of Jessie’s special gift.